Dera Follower Jumps in Fire to save lives

Dera Follower

Dozens of lives saved by a Dera Follower single handedly in Sriganganagar.

On one side where people don’t come for helping their own blood relative, a Dera Sacha Sauda Follower Jagdish Insan, jumped in fire, to save complete strangers. In ward-5’s Lakhara Chowk, in a elementary school kitchen, a fire was caught due to gas cylinder. Had it been a slight delay in controlling fire, it would have caught in the other 2 cylinders as well. A fire had caught in the cylinder due to leakage.

And everyone was running helter skelter and nobody knew what to do, in such a circumstance, Jagdish Insan, just entered the kitchen and made sure those 2 cylinders did not catch fire by taking them out. He then reached for the one on fire. By putting water on the cylinder continuously the fire was doused by him singlehandedly. Although the fire department had been informed by then and the fire officials reached the spot.

But thanks to Jagdish the fire was doused well before they arrived. The school authorities could not be more thankful to Jagdish for acting in time and saving precious lives. Jadish on the other hand, gave the entire credit to his Guru Master Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan for providing the motivation and also for making him act on time.

It is indeed Dera Followers exceptional passion for saving precious lives, that they can accomplish such feats and not the mention the extreme inspiration by his holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Incidents as these are a common everyday affair for these volunteers who with their extreme dedication, just don’t think twice before putting themselves up in the face of any crisis.